People Change, and Tattoos Do Too

Just because tattoos are permanent, that doesn’t mean they will always define who we are. At Koolsville, we’ve earned the reputation of Las Vegas’ most trusted tattoo shop, and we’ve heard countless stories of people with hate related tattoos or gang markings that serve as a constant reminder of their past life choices. We don’t judge here at Koolsville. We’re motivated by our desire to help people move on in their lives and to promote solidarity, which is why we’ve become the go-to artist on the west coast for tattoo cover ups.

Covering a tattoo takes skillful artistry and precision to ensure it is seamless, but it also calls for a change of heart and some seriously humility. If you’ve ever been thinking about covering that old symbol of hate or prejudice, we’ve got your back.

Rising Above Hate

There’s no reason to hesitate. We’re so inspired by some of our customer’s stories about growing up and learning to spread peace and not hate, that we’re doing something revolutionary. At our Sacred Heart location on South Boulevard, we’re offering free coverups of unwanted hate and or gang symbols. That’s right– free. No judgement, no BS. Any of our talented artists will transform that reminder of your former self into something beautiful. It’s our thanks for rising above the hate and prejudice when others can’t.

The Industry O.G.

We may be world famous for our $10 tattoo, but Koolsville is more than meets the eye. People come from miles and even around the world to add pieces to their collection. We have experience in doing full back pieces, sleeves, and more. Whatever the unique circumstance your tattoo has, our artists can figure out the optimal design and placement to cover it. You can call to schedule an appointment or a consultation to meet with one of our artists and see what works best for you.

Playing It Safe

Recent events have caused a surge in the number of people looking to cover their old tattoos. These hate symbols can cause intense backlash from friends, employers, or even people on the street. We’re accommodating these people looking to move on from their past, even with lockdown restrictions due to the coronavirus. We’ve doubled up on sanitation and safety, and per Las Vegas, Nevada health department requirements, we’re taking the temperature of every person who walks through the door. We’re limiting the capacity of people within our shops and all our staff is wearing face coverings to ensure the safety of our customers.

A New Reality Maybe you want to set a better example for your kids. Maybe you want a new lease on life. Maybe you want to walk into that job interview with greater confidence. Or maybe you want to show the world how people can change. Whatever your reason is, we want to make that a reality. Not only do we offer some of the best tattoo coverups around, but. our Sacred Heart location is offering some free for customers who ask for help. Meet with one of our artists today and see how you can finally erase those symbols of hate and prejudice.