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Tattoos might seem to be something cool and modern. Knowing a little tattoo history as a enthusiast will open your eyes to a whole new world. They are an amazing form of body art that you can carry with you wherever you go. It is part of you and, if done properly, it beautifies your body.
Some people actually believe that tattoos became popular in the past few decades. That is very far from the actual truth.
As a matter of fact, the history of tattoos and tattoos shops goes back so long in history that it’s pretty impossible to trace. Its initial origins and the actual birth of tattoos is simply ancient.
The purpose of tattoos was different from culture to culture and from time to time. For a while it was believed that the first people to have gotten tattoos were the ancient Egyptians, namely the pharaohs. But there weren’t many proofs about this.

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Ancient Tattoo History

Have you heard about “tzi”? He is a man who lived in ancient times, about 5200 years ago. On his body researchers found marks of about 50 primitive tattoos. Back in the day, tattoos have been usually used to express a person’s origin, not only as a form of making the body more beautiful.
However, most likely the first tattoos have been created way before the time of “?tzi”. Essentially there aren’t any proofs. Still, there are cave paintings in Egypt that show people with tattoos. Those have been identified as being made around 5 thousand years before Christ. There also are mummies in the ancient Egypt that show traces of tattoos, especially those displayed in the Gizeh Museum in Kairo. The tools used were obviously extremely rudimentary, but they are somehow still comparable to the tattoo needles that modern tattoo artists use today.
Around 2000 BC tattoos became popular in china and started appearing in Greece too. In Japan they were used for religious and ceremonial Rituals.
France has a place called Grotte Arcy-sur-Cure where several proofs of tattoo arts have been found. The traces of tools and paints leads archaeologists to believe that people got tattoos there probably around 35.000 years ago.

The women from Borneo were known as artists. But obviously there wasn’t any fully equipped tattoo shop.

Due to the lack of the basics for skin cleaning, disinfecting options and the very dirty tools, infections happened quickly. It is still absolutely amazing that even if people knew that they will probably get infections, they were so dedicated to tattooing their body that they did it anyway.

As we get closer in history, we find more proof of people’s passion for tattoos. During the Middle Ages, which are considered to be between the 6th and the 15th century, tattoos were initially regarded as a negative thing. Though the famous Templars had tattoos, the church prohibited them. After a while, tattoos with Christian motifs started to become rather a proof that the person belongs to Christianity.

In Asia tattoos have been very popular during the Middle Ages. There were some kind of businesses for this, yet people still got stigmatized because of them. Some organizations chose to declare their affiliation by wearing tattoos. The tattoo artist wasn’t allowed to make any mistakes that would alter the sign of the organization. With extremely few resources, that was a big challenge.

17th & 18th Century Tattoo History

Around the 17th century, merchants and sailors significantly contributed to the tattoo’s popularity boost in the western world. They brought along this form of body art that they got when they were travelling to faraway lands where people got them on a regular basis. There are no records of tattoo prices or tattoos shops.

The Russian czar Nikolaus II was one of the first noble men who discovered the art of tattoos and tried it as well. Before him mostly people belonging to a crew had tattoos. James Cook brought for example a man from Tahiti to England. Everyone was curious about this exotic man due to his tattoos and some got interested too. Meanwhile, sailors were telling all kinds of tales about how they got their tattoos so people got to know this form of body modification better.

Around the 18th century, some ships already had their own tattoo artist on board. This became sort of a trademark for sailors. Some doctors got specialized in tattoos as well because they had the knowledge to prevent infections and care for the skin much better.

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Tattoo History
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First Tattoo Machine Used

It is believed that the first real electric tattoo machine was invented by Tom Riley in the year 1890. That finally broke the ice and led to massive improvements in terms of hygiene, development and the designs that could be made.
The art of tattoos liberated itself from the problems that it involved due to the lack of proper equipment.
Sure, it took a long while still until tattoo machines became the modern artistic tools you find today in tattoo shops. But that was the turning point that made everything happen afterwards.
Right in 1890 Tom Riley opened a tattoos shop in London. Then in 1894 he got a patent for the tattoo machine that he invented. And now we can finally say that this is how all started as it’s all nice and documented from now on…

Rich Quality Tattoos

The quality of tattoos and tattoos shops kept developing throughout the years. The Chatham Square in New York was the first place where you could get tattoos in the American style. Rich people used to come there from across the US. Samuel O’Reilly improved the tattoo machine, which developed on Edisons electric needle.

The tattoo prices began to drop as the new machines made tattoos easier to be done so more people got them.

Tattoo’s in the 60’s

In the late 60s came the breakthrough in the US as you could see tattooed people everywhere: in the magazines, on TV and even on the street. Everyone was talking about this. It seemed again new, but people loved them.
Right now nearly half of the population of the United States has at least one tattoo. There is a tattoos shop pretty much everywhere quite nearby. The equipment is great and there are many standards that one needs to comply with. So tattoos are safer than ever and tattoos shops can offer real designs as the client really wishes.

Where to go for the next Tattoo

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Amazing Customer Service

The customer service is great as Koolsville is all about offering 100% customer satisfaction. There are award-winning tattoo artists there and you can even get Henna designs if you’re interested.

It is true that there hasn’t been a better time to get a tattoo than now. Thanks to ultra modern equipment and highly experienced artists, you can have anything you want in the safest environment of tattoo shops. Even the tattoo prices might seem alright.

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