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Koolsville Tattoo, Home Of The $10 Tattoo in Las Vegas, NV.Home of The $10 Tattoo

Premier $10 Tattoos & Piercings in Vegas

Sacred Heart Tattoo

The Sacred Heart Experience

Welcome to Koolsville Tattoo at Sacred Heart, Las Vegas, where artistry meets affordability in the world of tattoos and piercings. Renowned globally for our exceptional artists and the iconic “$10 Tattoo,” we offer a unique and memorable experience for all.

Sacred Heart Tattoo Las Vegas NV

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Innovative Tattoo Artistry

Our skilled artists bring a diverse range of styles to life, from traditional to modern designs. Each artist has their unique flair, ensuring that your tattoo is not just a design, but a piece of art.

Custom Design Consultations

Collaborate with our artists to create custom tattoo designs that truly represent your vision.

Expert Piercing Services

With our on-site piercing specialist, we offer a comprehensive range of piercing services, ensuring a safe, hygienic, and personalized experience.

Aftercare Support

We provide detailed aftercare instructions and support to ensure your tattoo heals perfectly and retains its vibrancy.

World-Class Artists

Meet our team of world-class tattoo artists, each with their specialization and style. Learn about their journey, expertise, and view their portfolios to choose the artist that resonates with your style.

A Global Hotspot for Tattoo Enthusiasts

Koolsville Tattoo’s Sacred Heart location is not just a tattoo shop; it’s a global destination for tattoo enthusiasts. With a reputation that spans continents, we have hosted clients from all corners of the world. Our artists are renowned for their skill and creativity, drawing visitors from various cultures and backgrounds.

Looking for tattoo near me. Your in luck, Koolsville Tattoo 1232 S. Las Vegas Blvd, NV has no wait times with many tattoo and piercing specials.

Our shop has been featured in international tattoo magazines, travel blogs, and social media platforms, highlighting our unique approach to tattoo art.

From celebrities to backpackers, our diverse clientele reflects our global appeal. Hear their stories and see how Koolsville Tattoo has become a part of their world journeys.

Our work has gone viral multiple times, making us a sought-after location for those looking to experience tattoo art that is recognized worldwide.

Our shop is a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and stories, making each tattoo session a unique cultural exchange.

Unique Experiences at Koolsville

  • Blindfold Tattoo Sessions: Join us for our adventurous weekly blindfold tattoo sessions, where trust meets creativity.
  • Tattoo Events and Guest Artists: Stay updated on our special events, guest artist appearances, and exclusive tattoo sessions.

Creating and Sharing Your Story

We encourage our clients to document their journey with us. Create unforgettable TikTok and Instagram videos right in our studio and share your Koolsville story with the world.

Visit Us:
  • Address: 1232 S Las Vegas Blvd, 89104
  • Contact: 702-477-0757
  • Operating Hours:
    Monday – Thursday
    11 AM–10 PM 
    Friday – Saturday
    11 AM–11 PM
    1–7 PM

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