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What is a trash polka tattoo?

What is a trash polka tattoo?

Trash Polka Tattoos – to get or not to get, THAT is the question If you haven’t heard of trash polka tattoos, no worries – it’s a rather new style of tattoo that has created an extreme reaction in others. People love it or they hate it – it’s THAT...

Tattoos In The Workplace

In the past, people always heard that they will lose their jobs if they go to work with tattoos. In today’s world, the attitude towards this matter is different. Times have changed and showing up with tattoos for work is not something unusual anymore.  Because the...

Polynesian Tattoo History

“Your necklace may break, the fau tree may burst, but my tattooing is indestructible. It is an everlasting gem that you will take into your grave.”A Verse from a traditional tattoo artist’s song Polynesian tattoo history dates back to over 2000 years ago and...

Tattoo Aftercare Tips

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