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How to identify an enhanced tatto photo.

Tattoos have always fascinated a lot of people. Have you ever fought with your siblings trying to snatch a tattoo sticker that came with a biscuit pack or a Cadbury bar? Well, yes definitely you must have done so. 

Tattoos are fun and they are a trending event. But hold on! Do all people love tattooing? The answer to this will be almost. According to the Global Tattoo Survey, 38% of the global respondents confessed to have at least one tattoo while 72% of the tattoo owners never regretted getting their tattoos done.


Alike the tattooing and the piercing, social media has also taken a leap in the last decade. Earlier there used to be one or two social media sites of which the most popular ones are Instagram and then Facebook . Lately, a huge invasion of the new social media sites has also blown away people of all ages and especially the teens.

These social media has not only increased the connectivity of the large masses but also enabled them to get through their pictures, videos, location and the most recent ones are video calling and voice calling without even having to access their personal cell numbers! Thus there is a common phrase circulated within the social media enthusiasts which is “Do not fall for everything you come across the social media”. Practically, it is true.

The viewers have actually no control on the posts they come across or on the people who posts a kind of post. One such example is the fake tattoo. People all over the world are applying application enhancers on their phone or Photoshop fake tattoos on their bodies and capturing awesome pictures which are then getting placed in the social media. A fake tattoo picture is also termed as unethical by the artist posting them.


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Mobile applications have gained immense popularity as with the mobile applications it become easier to access the things we need at the go.

Now we can’t tell you which applications there is to create enhanced photo and visual effects. Don’t want to give off some bad habits to anyone.

Place the app over the marked place on your body and click a picture. Voila! You have your most desired and Photoshop tattoo. People have taken advantages of these things and have shared their clicks on the social media. The pictures are all over the internet. Some of the crazy fake tattoos are the logos of brands, social media signs and logos, photos of friends, smileys, food and loads more.