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Thinking of getting a new tattoo done this season? If you are in Las Vegas, then you might be wandering where to find one of the most well known Las Vegas Tattoo Shops in town. Tattoos has become an integral part in people’s lives as they enhance your beauty which is thought by many. As a result, there are successive numbers of tattoo parlour all throughout the world making the decision taking procedures a bit tougher.

Well, there is absolutely nothing to worry about as here we will be talking about how Koolsville Tattoo of Las Vegas has become a world known Tattoo Shop with some of the cheapest prices in town.

Koolsville Tattoo Las Vegas cheapest tattoo shop
Las Vegas Tattoo Shop by Koolsville Tattoo

Koolsville Tattoo Services

Style of Tattoos

  • Tribal

  • Watercolor

  • Black Work

  • Japanese

  • Portrait

  • Neo Traditional

  • Realism

Amazing Tattoo Parlour Withing Walking Distance

There are a lot of tattoo parlours in Las Vegas especially when searching for the cheapest tattoo shop here in the Las Vegas. Our four locations are walking distance from Fremont St, Art District, and the iconic Vegas Strip. 

Our artist also provide Piercings and Henna art. Come check us out today or call in advance to book your session. 


Here is a short list of how we became known as the Home of the $10 Tattoo.

  • Walking Distance from Fremont St

  • Unique Pink Buildings

  • Friendly Staff

  • Experienced Tattoo Artist

  • Hottest Tourist Attraction

All of the above mentioned, our Las Vegas Tattoo parlour is considered one of the best on the basis of cost, experienced professional and ambience. It is believed that tattoos and piercings must be done by professionals having great knowledge on the process so that there is almost no to less complications. Also, they can guide you with the next steps of how to and what to do. With the four locations, our tattoo parlours have experienced professionals who are certified of the work they perform.

Finding the right Tattoo Shop in Las Vegas

You might find the best tattoo parlour according to your requirement near you. If you are planning to travel Las Vegas in this year end, do checkout Koolsville Tattoo or Sacred Heart Tattoo to have a tattoo or a piercing during your stay.