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In the past, people always heard that they will lose their jobs if they go to work with tattoos. In today’s world, the attitude towards this matter is different. Times have changed and showing up with tattoos for work is not something unusual anymore. 

Because the rules of a workplace were strict, people used to get tattoos on areas that could be easily covered. Now, it’s normal for professionals to have tattoos on visible areas like on the neck or hands.

Workplace tattoos by Koolsville Tattoo
Workplace Tattoos by Koolsville Tattoo

“Why do you want this?” was the most frequently asked question when someone decided they want a tattoo. Nowadays, this question is unnecessary and disrespectful. People choose to have a tattoo because it is meaningful to them, or because they simply enjoy this form of art.

How do tattoos affect a job interview?

Should the judgment of an employer be affected when a candidate with tattoos shows up for an interview? The opinions on this matter are divided, and it mostly depends on the type of business.

Researches made before 2010 show that customers preferred to interact with employees with no tattoos. However, these days, enthusiasm and good communication skills are more important. Having tattoos is not a decisive factor for a hiring interview anymore.

The law on workplace tattoos

In many countries, the law states that companies are allowed to ask the staff to hide their tattoos if the workplace requires a dress code. It is up to the business owner to decide if it’s appropriate for the staff to have tattoos.

Some people have tattoos for religious reasons, and they are allowed to display them. It is considered discrimination when they are asked to cover up their tattoos.

The airline industry, for example, is very exigent when it comes to tattoos and dress codes. However, many big companies are relaxed and indulgent on this matter.

Professionals with tattoos by Koolsville Tattoo
Professional with Tattoos by Koolsville Tattoo

Are tattoos unprofessional?

The business world is more open-minded these days and usually, the employers have no problem with workplace tattoos. We live in a time where companies are looking for diversity, and it’s strange to judge an employee based on something that doesn’t affect their abilities.

The army was devoted to tradition and there were many restrictions on this matter. The US Army adopted the tattoo acceptance recently. Even though there are still some restrictions, the soldiers and the staff are allowed to have tattoos on certain areas of the body. 

Do tattoos affect

Workplaces with policies against tattoos are missing one important thing. This type of discrimination decreases the opportunities and the chances of hiring talented people.

Missing the chance to hire a good candidate that could have a positive impact on the company is the last thing an employer should do.

Glassdoor is company and a good example to follow. One of the employers says that classifying something as taboo creates an unhealthy workplace environment.

Why are more and more companies comfortable with workplace tattoos? Employers are starting to understand that the feelings and the freedom of speech of their employees are more important than how they look. 

Industries with the highest tattoo acceptance

Surveys have shown that 20% of the people who work in recreation, hospitality, and tourism have at least one tattoo. The industry of media and entertainment is the second most indulgent on this matter, having approximately 16% of employees with tattoos. Other industries that have over 10% of employees with tattoos are healthcare, finance, and retail.


Culture is continuously evolving, and companies have to adapt if they want to prosper. To protect the company’s image is not the only duty of an employer. An employer also has the responsibility to hire the most talented people regardless of their looks.

If you want a tattoo, but you are worried about the effects of it on the workplace, keep in mind that the attitude towards tattoos is not the same as it was 10 years ago. More than 80% of professionals don’t consider that tattoos are a crucial factor in a job interview.

For a long time, tattoos were associated with people who adopted bad behaviors. But in today’s world, tattoos are a form of art, and people wear them with pride. It’s part of their personality and a symbol of freedom. Nobody wants to work in a place that restricts this. It’s beneficial for a company and its employees to have a healthy and flexible work environment.