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$10 Tattoos in Las Vegas - Why You Should Consider It

When people decide that they want to get a tattoo, many have heard from their friends or family members how expensive tattoos can be. However, not all tattoos are going to cost you hundreds of dollars, and in Las Vegas, you can actually get small flash art tattoos for as little as $10. Sound too good to be true? We get it!

There are a few reasons why you should absolutely consider getting a $10 tattoo.

Why should you consider it!

Why should you consider it!

When getting your first tattoo, it can be quite scary. Especially if you know that you have low pain tolerance and cry if you as much as stub your toe slightly! Since first tattoos are typically not requiring as much ink or space, they also take less time and involve less pain (though it also depends on the placement of your tattoo). Generally speaking though, this is the optimal tattoo for you if you can’t handle pain.

First tattoos can seem overwhelming. Maybe you simply want to try it out first and see how the experience is like, or you simply get stuck on finding the right meaningful tattoo that is larger in size - small tattoos are a great place to start. They don’t take up much space, so you can easily get something that you won’t immediately regret.

Yes, we all roll our eyes when employers don’t appreciate the work of art that is on your body, but $10 tattoos offer a great compromise. If you work in a traditional job that prefers your tattoos to not be on display, then a $10 small tattoo will be easy to cover up with makeup or simply to hide from plain sight.

Some people are looking for statement pieces when it comes to tattoos, and those are typically larger and more expensive. However, others simply want to have something smaller that is a symbol. Maybe you are looking to get a tattoo with a friend, or you want to get something to honor a friend or family member who has passed; regardless which it is, a $10 tattoo is the perfect fit for any kind of symbolic meaning!

Being scared of commitment isn’t just limited to your ex, it happens to the best of us with tattoos as well! And if a tattoo is anything - it’s that tattoos are a commitment. Larger tattoos are easier to regret than smaller ones, so $10 tattoos are perfect if you’re just not quite sure that you can commit to any one idea or concept for too long.

Koolsville Tattoo

If you have now come to the conclusion that yes, a $10 tattoo is exactly what you want, and you’re in Las Vegas - come to Koolsville Tattoo! Koolsville Tattoo is proud to be known for its legendary $10 tattoos, so if you want to be in safe hands, this is where to go. A total plus is that Koolsville Tattoo can provide you with many different tattoo styles, so even though you’re limited in size, you most certainly aren’t limited in style options!