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Trash Polka Tattoos – to get or not to get, THAT is the question

If you haven’t heard of trash polka tattoos, no worries – it’s a rather new style of tattoo that has created an extreme reaction in others. People love it or they hate it – it’s THAT kind of a tattoo. Trash polka tattoos have their own unique style and anybody who knows what they are can immediately identify them from across the room. But let’s break down what trash polka tattoos are, where they came from, and whether or not they’re a good fit for you. 

What is Trash Polka Tattoo

What is Trash Polka Tattoo? Here is an authentic trash polka tattoo.


What is a trash polka tattoo?

Trash polka tattoos are a specific tattoo style originating from Germany, where a duo by the names of Simone Plaff and Volko Merschky combined various art styles to create something innovative and new. The result is a mix of realism, surrealism, script, and abstract art. Trash polka tattoos can also be easily identified by a black design with a flash of red.

Who should get a trash polka tattoo?

Trash polka tattoos embody a very specific kind of style. It looks new, as if it has just been freshly inked into the person’s skin, and is something so new as a concept and style that it’s difficult to tell what the longevity is of it. If you’re trying to decide whether or not trash polka tattoos are the right fit for you, it’s important to see if you embody any of the following characteristics:

Trash Polka Tattoo Ideas

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You’re a risktaker.

Trash polka tattoos are so new, that there’s no saying how it’ll fade with time, and you have to be okay with someone who’s probably not well-versed in the style doing your tattoo. It’s quite a risk, however if you’re the adventurous type and don’t mind riding on the side of risk then go for it! It’ll be one hell of a story!

You love going against the grain.

If you’re someone who loves mainstream tattoos like the japanese or zodiac symbols (there’s no shame with that), then this is NOT the style for you. Trash polka is something that causes an emotional reaction in others, and not always good. It’s a style that people love or hate, so if you know that deep down you’re a people pleaser at heart, you may want to go for something less loud and more “normal”. 

You want to get a larger tattoo.

Large Areas for Trash Polka Tattoos

Trash Polka Tattoos look great with larger areas.


Trash polka tattoos require a larger surface area to create the desired effect. If you’re looking to only do small area of your skin, steer away from this. Unfortunately trash polka doesn’t necessarily translate well in smaller space, so if you want to make a statement and have a larger area of skin you’d like to get tattooed, then this is the perfect fit for you. 

Final Thoughts

While trash polka is new as a style, it surely will become a more widely used tattoo style in the next years. The beauty of tattoos is that there’s a specific kind of style for every person out there, and whether or not trash polka tattoos are your cup of tea, there will be one out there that is the perfect representation of you – you just have to find it!